What Is Adsense Of Google?

Google AdSense- What Is It and Why Is It Relevant?

During the advent of the Internet, marketing and advertising were done in a manner that seemed to be similar to other forms of media such as Television or even similar to what you would see in a newspaper. This is when Adsense of Google kicks in…What is really Adsense of Google?

When you would visit a website, inside a particular area, you would see a banner ad for a company that was spending money on adverts on the site.

Well, there was a huge problem with this form of advertisement. More often than not, the adverts were irrelevant to the visitors. For instance, if you visited a website that sold or talked about clothes, you would see a banner that promoted cars or other unrelated things.

While you may at some time need to buy a vehicle, at that moment, you were searching for information regarding clothes. It would have been better if the advert was about clothes, as you would have clicked on it for more information.

Simply, this form of advertising was not very effective as people would get irrelevant advertisements. So what exactly is Adsense of Google?

Google realized this problem and came up with a great solution. And that solution was Google AdSense, something that is referred to as a targeted advertising system. Now, all the webmasters or website owners have to do is put aside some space on their websites.

After that, sign up for the program and include a bit of their site’s code and leave the rest to Google. The company ensures that the ad that will show up in the designated area will be highly relevant to the content on the website.

Now, you must be wondering, how exactly does Google find relevant ads? Well, it’s quite easy for them to achieve this as Google is primarily a search engine company. Google finds relevant advertisements by looking at the keywords on the website. The engine then places them through a database of sites to locate the most relevant ones for the target site and wallah, a targeted advertisement.


The site owner gets money for every click that the ad on their pages. As you can guess, AdSense attracts more clicks when compared to the conventional banner ads, and that’s simply because the AdSense ads relate to the website’s content and the visitors care more about an ad that relates to what they are reading on the site. This is ideally useful for the advertisers, for the same reason. The biggest asset of the AdSense program is the fact that all ads are more often than not, related to the content on the website.

That relevancy is the key to Google AdSense success as well as the reason that everybody remains happy. The advertiser gets their ad relevantly placed, the publisher earns money from their own content and Google takes their share. Of course, keep in mind that Google has arranged some high specifications for the program in terms of physical appearance as well as the performance. Also, there is a limit of two ads per page, and therefore an additional gain since Google AdSense advertising is less obtrusive as opposed to conventional advertising.


Ultimately, there is no doubt that AdSense is certainly an advertising program that’s special as the ads are highly related to the material or content on the sire. Anyone who wants to advertise utilizes Google AdWords, thus paying Google and those who plan to place relevant ads on their sites make use of Google AdSense and get paid by Google during the process. So, the entire transactions run through Google. The site owners get their first paycheck once they hit the $10 minimum and then from there, the company sends a check at the end of every month.

Publishers and marketers gain access to data that can help them understand and moderate the potency of their respective campaigns. When working with Google AdSense, it is advisable to create a Google Analytics account for the website as it gives more statistics on the pages that get the most clicks and other data. The whole process is very simple and quite effective, and it is one of the reasons why Google is renowned for innovation, creativity and new ways of thinking.

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  1. Thanks for your explanation on Google Adsense. I am seriously thinking about placing ads on my affiliate site. However, I am not sure if it will have a negative impact on my sales.
    I want to take advantage of Adsense, but at the same time I don’t want to have ads competing with my promotional efforts. It’s hard to strike a balance… I think only testing will answer these concerns. What’s your opinion about that?

    Thank you

    • Hey there Stefan,

      Placing ads on your site has been a long debated topic. In my opinion, the best way/time to place ads is after your site is generating a good amount of users and when your site authority is high. This is because new sites need to earn the trust of visitors and ads is usually a turnoff. Good quality content is always the key to win over readers and convert into sales, once that occurs you can start putting ads on your site; but don’t overload them 😉

      Best of luck!


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