What If You Run Out Of Ideas For Your Sales Blog?

What If You Run Out Of Ideas For Your Sales Blog?

Are you in charge of a sales blog? If so, then the chances are good that you have begun to run out of ideas. When you find you are not currently making money on your blog, you could feel as though all of your options have run dry. However, this is never the time to give up. If you are short on ideas, you can look to some of the suggestions detailed on this list. They will also be able to help you when you want to make your blog more of a success, or to bring in more income.

Repurposing Older Content

Is there an older piece of content that has not been getting much attention recently? If you have solid content that is just sitting in your backlog, you can think about trying to find a good way to rewrite and repurpose the text. Put a new spin on some of your older content or write a post that goes back to highlight the piece. Using different keywords in the new post will be helpful, just be sure that you are using all of the content that you happen to have.

Look For Guest Posts

Numerous site owners could be interested in making a guest post on your blog. If you have someone who writes a guest post on your blog, it can benefit them in several ways. To begin with, someone that writes as a guest, they will have the ability to reach your current audience. Additionally, they will be able to get link-backs from your site. However, this is also going to help you out. If you do have someone that writes a guest post for you, this is original content that you can share on your website, which is a great thing to try if you are out of ideas.

Create A List

People seem to love list content, and they are usually pretty easy to write. Many people can bang out a good list in just a few minutes. If you are not sure of the kind of content you should be putting out on your blog, you can put together a few posts that have lists. A list is good for sales blogs, as they will often be shared. This can be a nice way to attract a good bit of attention just as long as you have the right list.

Back To Basics

Look back to the original techniques that you used when you started your blog to begin with. It has more than likely been a long time since you put some of these techniques to use. Why not think about giving these original processes a go?

If you do go back to your basics, you have the chance to breathe fresh life into your otherwise stale processes. Think about applying everything that you learned over time and use them with these older techniques. There could be a number of things that you really have been neglecting to take advantage of.

Bring Help

If you can afford it, bring in a specialist that can help you out. If you have the opinion of a professional, it will help you to address problems on your existing site. Whether you think about hiring and SEO firm or a consultant, the outside help can lead you to making more money from your blog. The best person will have the tools to look at your site and come back with valuable advice that you can use.

When it seems like you have the money for a consultant, you should use it as they will eventually pay for themselves.

Never be worried that the ideas for your sales blog seem to have run dry. There are different tactics that will help you to bring a new spin on things and you can use every opportunity to your full advantage.

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  1. I’ve been asking myself that very thing just recently. I hope that when I get to that moment I remember these tips. This is insightful and useful information. I’m just starting a website, and I’m still waiting to get indexed so that then I could start an affiliate.

    I was reading recently that backlinking was sort of a no-no. Could you explain a bit on that?



    • Hey Luis, first of all, thank you for the comment. Im sure its never possible run out of ideas as you can always use the tips and tricks I offered in this post 😉 As for back linking, I believe its actually an SEO element as google does browse through your site for that. In addition, you are able to link readers to more of your post thus sieze their engagement when they visit your site.

      Hope this helps, Ken

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