Top Social Media Analytics Tools

5 Of The Best Social Media Analytics Tools That Are Free To Use

Social media can be an extremely effective tool for marketers.

Not only can it provide you with a huge platform to expand your outreach and market potential, but it can also provide you with in depth analysis on your target customer and your target market. However, in order to maximise the potential of your social media marketing, you are going to need to get proper analytics of each platform.

That way, you will be able to identify trends, insights into your market, and even predict future trends. The key to being able to successfully do this is going to come down to investing in the right social media analytics tools. However, not every business has the means to put forth a budget for these tools.

Luckily, there are a lot of analytics tools available to use for free. Below, we will be going over some of the best ones available.

Best Social Media Analytics Tools That Are Free:

1. Google Analytics.

One of the best tools that you are going to be able to use for all kinds of platforms and provide deeper insights on the various platforms that you have is Google Analytics. This particular tool is easily one of the best for businesses that are looking to gain more information on their platforms and target audience. With this tool, you will be able to see all critical areas and statistics about your business such as customer engagement, traffic sources, page views, number of visitors, demographics, and more. This is a must have tool for just about anyone that is looking to view proper analytics that can help you grow your business.

2. Facebook Insights.

Another great tool that is a must have for anyone that owns and/or operates a Facebook page is Facebook Insights. With this tool, you will be able to see all kinds of statistics that can help you market better towards your audience. It will tell you all kinds of information which can help increase the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising including the gender and location of your followers, along with the pages to watch area which can provide you with key insights into your competitors best posts.

3. Twitter Analytics.

If you are going to be running any kind of business, Twitter needs to be one of the key social media networks that you are marketing on. The good thing about Twitter is the fact that it comes with it’s own built in analytics which can provide you with incredible statistics and information on your followers demographics, interests, household income, and even their net worth. This should allow you to garner a lot of information that can help you maximise your marketing potential utilising the platform.

4. Instagram Insights.

Another great tool that can be used within your business is Instagram Insights. Instagram has it’s own analytics tool that will provide you with various data that you can use to increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

5. YouTube Analytics.

Another effective tool that should be utilised by everyone on the YouTube platform is YouTube analytics which will give you pertinent information about your audience and demographic.

In the end, you want to be sure that you are utilising all of the key resources at your disposal for keeping track of your analytics on various social media pages and your own website.

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  1. Hi Ken

    Lovely post.

    Short and effective. I think you are spot on, you need to invest money into your online business if you want to make money.

    However, there ate budget constraints. And your post is awesome in highlighting some suggestions of overcoming the budget constraints.

    And of course, without social media, we have no online businesses.

    Awesome post!


    • Hey Peteni!

      Social media and budget managing are crucial aspects when coming to creating a successful business. Thats where you have to select the right tools for analysing social media traffic as they will help you make informative and right business decisions.

      Best of luck!


  2. Hi

    Great article on some of the social media analytics tools.

    I have only been using google analytics so far and find it great for tracking the audience on my website.

    Once I get more into the social media side for my website I will implement some more of these tools.

    I appreciate your information and will be back to checkout some of your future posts.


    • Hey chris,

      Thanks for tuning into this post and Im very glad you found it useful. Those analytic tools will definitely be useful as you make your business decisions for your website and they will show data in which you can decide what direction to make progress in.

      thanks, Ken

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