The Secrets of Writing A Killer Homepage

What Elements Make Up A Killer Homepage?

The secrets of writing the best possible homepage are going to be shared with you here. Anyone can make their website a better place for visitors if they try. Here you’ll get some ideas so you can make your website a more desirable place to visit.

googlesmallSearch engines love it when you have content on your page that is unique, useful, and that contains the right keywords. You’ll have a webpage that does much better with its ranking on a site like Google if you have something written for your homepage that is substantial and not just spam.

An article shouldn’t be too long winded, but it also shouldn’t just be a sentence. Try to come up with something that is a few hundred words and then see how that works.

You need to make sure that it has something to do with your niche, and that the information is interesting enough for someone to read.

It may be wise to have a snippet from content you have elsewhere if you don’t want to fill the page up with too much text. If you want to sell someone a product or a service, talk it up and let them know why it’s useful to them.

Make sure you don’t flood them with sales talk right away, because people like to think it’s their idea to buy something and need to just be guided a little.

Writing for your homepage can be done by someone that you hire. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with text that does well in the way of search engine optimisation.

Plenty of places known as content mills let you pay a little money and get what you need. Come up with some instructions that talk about what you want and then let people have at it. Once you get something that you like after a few orders, you may be able to reserve the person for further work.

officeThe website has to have navigation on it that’s easy to get through and that does what it looks like it does. There are web designers that think they should be artistic and they make it hard to learn to use something right away.

Don’t use strange symbols or something that doesn’t look like other websites if you want most people to go through the website. If someone has to work harder than clicking once or twice to get where they need to go, they’re going to go to another website that’s easier to use.

Use Google Analytics or some other kind of statistic software to keep an eye on how long people are using the website for. You can see what kind of time someone spent on the website and where they ended up leaving it. If you notice there are a lot of people leaving after a few seconds on the main homepage, then you need to work on fixing it.

It may be taking a long time to load it or it may just not be a site that people find attractive. Keep making changes to it a little at a time if you have to.

A killer homepage on your website will make your website a lot more likely to do well.

When people get good information and are able to know how to use the website right away, you can make them stick around longer.

It’s easy to guide people to your products or to at least read what you want them to when you build your homepage properly.

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  1. Great to see your article the design, layout and look of your website is great. you have clearly explained the secrets of writing a killer homepage. I love writing and finally after reading your article I got some ideas to improve my article. keep on providing your valuable thoughts to all.


    • Hey there Mano, thanks for the feedback and I am very glad that my content has helped you improve your site in some way. I will definitely be continuing to share my thoughts everyday! Stay tuned 🙂

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for posting that article. I’ve been struggling with coming up with good content for my home page and I’ve found that your article has been helpful to me.

    I have my blog set up on my homepage. Would you suggest moving a blog away from the homepage or keeping it on there?

    • Hey there Neil, the homepage of your website is definitely what will attract the reader’s attention first thing when they visit and will impact the length the stay, the number of pages they read etc. for that fact i believe to keep the homepage should be according to the niche you have chosen!

      Blogs can definitely attract readers as you have offered several different articles towards the topic, and it is delightful when there is interesting and quality content to read.

      Best of luck to you!


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