Should You Buy Website Traffic?

We all know that in order to make sales and and income online through a website, traffic is a must.

Where does traffic come from?

Well most of it comes from your site ranking high up on search engines… But the real debate here is; should you buy traffic for SEO?

Lets take a look.

Buying website traffic is generally not a good idea. Why is that the case and how do you get actual visitors to come to your site? Find these things out and more here so you can use your website to share information or to boost sales.
Traffic that you buy generally comes from some kind of software. The people you pay will run something that makes it look like a lot of different people are visiting your website, but that simply is not what is happening.

Instead, you’re getting a lot of traffic in terms of numbers, but no real action will be taken on your website by this traffic. In other words, it’s just a boost behind the scenes that only you can see in your statistics.

Actual traffic from real people would lead to you making money if you had things for sale on your website.

Some traffic sites will let you pay to have your website show up in some kind of program where people look at different websites to earn credits. For instance, if someone has a profile on a website they can show people their website 10 times if they look at 100 websites through the program. Usually it does get you real traffic numbers from real people, but they are not in it to check out your products. This works better than robotic traffic, but not much better because most people are not even paying attention when they use these programs.

How do you get real traffic?

Well, you can pay someone to work on optimising your website for search engines. If you pay someone to do SEO for you, then you can bet that you will get real traffic and it won’t take too long. You may have to wait for the person doing the optimisations to get it perfect, but over time you will start to get results that are better and better. Eventually, you will not have to do much at all to get a lot of traffic beyond updating your website from time to time.

Paying to put ads on social media sites or on website like Google can get you actual traffic from real people.

If you were to pay to show up in Google results for a search for a product, you can end up making a sale pretty often. You just have to know what to use as your keywords and need to have a website that looks nice.

Pay attention to your website’s statistics and don’t keep paying for ads that don’t really get you that many results. Knowing when to make changes is part of what separates good marketers from bad ones.

You can buy traffic for your website and it will get you higher statistics, but that hardly means anything if people are not actually interacting with your website. It’s better to work on getting real people to check out what you have online because that will lead to you actually making money.

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  1. With your comment, “it is better to work on getting real people”, it seems you’re an advocate of working your way up. And, that’s great. I commend you for that. Because, when you’re just new in Internet marketing, it’s so risky spending money on things you are not yet well-versed with.

    But, I’ve seen experienced marketers, they’re doing great with buying traffic. One hint is, they send the traffic to a high ticket offer, that pay commissions 10X higher than what they’ve spent. That’s the technique, if you want to buy traffic, and you have money to buy traffic.

    • Hey Gomer,

      Thank you for making an absolutely spot on point right there. For beginners, if you don’t do you research right and just plunge into buying traffic, you will result in more negative effects than positive. But like you said, down the road of website creating you become experienced, buying traffic can be a huge plus into higher SEO.

      Best of luck to you,


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