Popular Online Scams

The Types Of Popular Online Scams

Making money from the comfort of their homes is something that many people dream of, however not many people actually achieve it. There is endless information out there, unfortunately a lot of people buy into it and end up wasting not only their time, but also their money.

Finding the right information can be hard, however that doesn’t mean that it is not out there. It can be painful to loose money online instead of making money, that is why being careful online is so important. Before you invest any money, make sure you thoroughly research and make sure that it is legit.
One of the most common ways that people loose money online is through scams. There are people who from their homes work hard at trying to scam you. Scamming has become so easy that even thousands of people can be scammed at the same time.

One way in which a scam can be spotted is if there is a promise of free cash if you sign up., they are generally offering packages, not services.

This is why reading their full terms of service is important. If you do get scammed, immediately get in touch with your credit card company or bank and seek assistance with reversing the charges. If a cash or check was used, than that money is gone for good.
Here are some of the most common online scams:
Pyramid Scams
This scam is by far one of the most dangerous kinds. Generally there is a certain amount of initial investment that is required and you are promised that after a short period of time, you will have a high return. There is a certain sort of logic behind their explanation as well as the legality of the operations, although details can seem a bits sketchy.
A lot of time and effort is placed on discussing what you would be able to do with that much money and random testimonials of people who have allegedly made a lot of money are also provided. There are some that entice you initially by giving some money in exchange for referring more people as well as investing more money.
Making money without having to do anything can be pretty exciting. Many times this causes people to ignore common sense and proceed with more monetary investments. Many times these scams pat off old investors with newer ones, once the money coming in from newer investors is not enough to pay back their older investors, they end up falling apart,
Getting Paid To Read Emails, Fill Surveys and Review Sites
There are sites that pay a very pathetic sum for the work they require. There are those that even offer a minimum monthly fee to receive surveys. You end up finding out that your monthly charge is more than what you receive.
There are also scams which offer to pay you for reviewing a website. Initially for publicity they may pay something, however they will eventually stop. The amount of money that these types of scams pay is either very little or none at all and you will have invested money as well as your valuable time.

There are legit sites which do pay out, however it is important to ensure that their online reputation is positive, if not you could end up gaining nothing and even losing something.
Franchising is what this business model runs off of. You are requested to sell a service or product that the company offers, then from the revenue generated you will be given a commission.

When you refer people you will also get paid and when a person you have recruited makes a sale, there is a certain percentage you will receive. A sign up fee will never be requested by a legit MLM company.
There are many online scams, it is important to catch on to them before you waste any time or effort. Keep in mind that there is never a quick way of making money online.

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  1. I once joined a survey site. After filling in each survey i was told to choose a charity to donate my earnings to. So disappointing.

    The internet is a funny place. There are things that look legit but are actually scams. Then there are things that look scammy but are actually legit. But these are few and far between.

    • Hey there Regina,

      The internet is certainly a fun place but also dangerous at times.

      It is crucial you watch out for scams on the internet as a lot of people are trying to scam you in order to make money. The best things to do for each program that may seem ‘legit’ are

      1. Think if its ‘too good to be true’

      2. Do your research!

      Hope you avoid all those scams online!

      Best of luck, Ken

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