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Wealthy Affiliate Review

Overall Ranking: 1
Price: Free Starter Membership, then $19 (1st Month)
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Website: wealthyaffiliate.com

Okay, let’s cut straight to the point.

You are here because you are searching for a reliable source to generate income online.

You are here because you are sick of being scammed constantly by websites that offer you millionaires of dollars but turn out stealing your money.

You are here because you are probably like me; coming across all sorts of different way to make money online but never assured which method to use.

Today, I will point you into the right direction to go.

I am currently 18 years old, a teen, probably the average age of the people that are going to read this. To be honest I am not an experienced website creator, nor some fancy programmer like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, I am just someone who wanted to make some money from home.

If I can do it, you can, at any age, in any situation. In fact Wealthy Affiliate has provided me and many others joyous moments whilst building up our paths to success, with the flourishing community that is full of support and help from top earners and millionaires. I can truly describe how fun the whole process is!

Wealthy Affiliate is the best and legit way of generating profit online. It will never guarantee you to become a millionaire overnight nor promise you lots of profit within a short amount of time. Instead, the site makes you come to realise that with effort, motivation and hard work, it is possible to start an online business from home for any age group!



Anyone can start at WA! A child, a teenager or an adult can all start their online business through the help of WA! Anywhere around the world as long as you have a computer and an internet connection!

However I will stress that WA is not for the feint-hearted, you must be ready to put effort in to get results. The more work you put into building up you knowledge and website, the more you will gain. You can often use goals such as I want to buy a house, I want to buy a car etc. as motivation, however I believe that is not the right mindset.

Instead you should focus on how you can help other people in the world by promoting what you believe is right, and money will come streaming in as a by-product!

A common question I also get from people is “Do I need any skills to start at WA?” The answer is no way. WA will take you step by step through what you need to do to start building your home online business.

Also you do not need to own a product to start. WA will teach you how select and promote successful products within your chosen niche!



  • Live Chat, 24/7 Support at WA
  • Step-By-Step courses that teach you how to start building your website
  • 13+ Interactive Classrooms
  • Community of 800,000+ entrepreneurs
  • A lot of training programs and tools that help your website gain traffic
  • Video Training, Tutorial Training and Blog Training
  • Regular live video classes that provide crucial education
  • Fast and State of the Art Website Hosting
  • Access to advice from top earners and millionaires
  • There is no scam, at all!



  • There is a lot of information at WA and can be difficult to absorb in a small amount of time



There are lot training offered here at WA. The most common course starter members take is the WA affiliate bootcamp which comprises of 10 lessons.



Keeping in mind this is just the one course out of many!

WA also teaches you how to set up your own website to promote your own product using the training courses designed.

Simply click the button on your main site and you can get started instantly with a step by step training program





Tools are offered that can help you increase traffic of your site such as

  • Rapid Writer
  • Keyword tool
  • Link Tracking
  • Keyword lists

Let me show you how powerful the keyword tool can be, the one offered here at WA. In brief, this tools allows you to search any keyword on the internet and it will return the amount of traffic there is on it in the web.

This could greatly improve traffic to your website when you create titles and content with high search power.





WA offers 24/7 live chat with friendly members always willing to lend a helping hand. You can also private message me, Kyle or Carson who will definitely give you a reply containing information to help you.

Check it out below, an example of what the live chat looks like!




Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter membership!

The cost of the program is $19 for the first month (59% discount) and then $47 a month

There is a $359 year plan offered which is highly recommended if you want to commit for a long-term, however there the monthly plan is always there and you can always stop the billing cycle if you choose WA is not the thing for you.

However, free members do not gain extra features like premium members which are important such as

  • Host your own website domain
  • Access to heaps of extra courses and training
  • Private messaging
  • 100% commission rates

Best thing is, you can choose anytime to upgrade to premium!

Do not feel swayed, please take your time to try out the free version until you are satisfied with WA offers and then make a decision. The free product does offer:

  • 2 Free Websites and hosting
  • Wealthy affiliate bootcamp training
  • Access to the Live Chat

Check out the difference between free and premium members below!



Even though the premium package seems to be more potent to creating success, a starter package definitely allow you to start up and run an online business. However, the decision is yours and always yours, no one at WA will force you to go premium.



This question I will leave it to you to answer.

It is only you that can take this first stride and be brave to sign up and experience what there is to offer.

Regarding the amount of money you can make, well, there is no limit here at WA.

The potential is limitless.

It will come down to how much effort you put into it and how motivated you are. Although there is a possibility you generate no income within the first 4-10 months, if you don’t give up and constantly follow the training here at WA, I guarantee you will achieve huge success.



Wealthy Affiliate is the only site I have come across with everything packed into one. A step by step training is what you need to create a successful website and best of all, there are people with you 24/7, ready to assist you, myself included. Don’t be afraid to take the first crucial step needed towards the path of success.

After you register a FREE starter membership, and do decide to take on a premium membership within the FIRST 7 DAYS (with the 59% discount), I will give you a special bonus just for you ;). After creating your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will personally pop on over to your account profile and greet you with a ‘hello’, information on WA and also how to claim this bonus!

Trust me you don’t want to miss out on this offer! 🙂

If you have any questions or queries feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll get to it ASAP!

Otherwise feel free to contact me once you’re on Wealthy Affiliate.

Join me and a lot of others at Wealthy Affiliate today!




  1. The $19 full membership fee first attracted me to this offer…but unfortunately it goes up after the first month!
    Do you feel the full membership is worth it’s weight in gold or do you feel you have to see success pretty qucikly with it?
    I love the idea of the commuunity but I’d love to know how much value you felt it has?

    • Hey Chris, I definitely feel like investing in Wealthy Affiliate will be worth your money. Being able to access more training and more tools will definitely mean more chances to succeed. You will see success depending on how much work you put in: “you get out what you put in”. By the time you succeed you would be making more money then you have paid WA, so treat it like an investment. Also, the community at WA is great and there is support 24/7 and the people here encourage and motivate you which I value very much.

  2. I really love you outlined here about the wealthy affliate and also it gives me Joy knowing am part of this after reading your review about the wealthy affliate. Owing to the fact that I believe with your words that I didn’t do a mistake joining wealthy affliate community.. Thanks so much

  3. Hi!
    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can only say that every penny is worth the money, and if you’re willing to work hard, then I can promise that you won’t regret joining Wealthy Affiliate.
    They train you from phase 1, support you, encourage you until you succeed.
    When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I knew nothing about online or Affiliate Marketing, now I can say I’m knowing everything I have to know about Affiliate Marketing, and I have the support I need the whole time
    They do the whole job for you; It’s just you that has to follow and keep up doing your work!
    Thanks for your great review!

  4. Hi Ken,

    Nice site. When you’re looking for a new business it helps if you have confidence in the person promoting the business. Your review is very positive and straightforward.
    Compared to things like Binary systems, this looks like a far better proposition for making long term profits. The low entry level is a big plus. I have been disappointed in many of the courses around that give you one entry level fee and are then upselling at every corner. The WA costings look far more simple and easy to understand. Good Review.
    Many thanks, Chris

    • Hey Chris, I definitely would recommend Wealthy Affiliate over binary options big time! I fee like its just gambling whilst when you put your money into WA you know you will get something back with your hard work!

  5. I’ve heard a lot about affiliate marketing over the past couple of years.

    I understand I’ll need my own blog if I’m to be successful, but my biggest hurdle is what topic to build my website around.

    Some people say a passion whilst others say to base it on a profitable industry or product.

    Does Wealthy Affiliate offer training that can help put me on the right path?

    If so, is this part of the training free or will I need to be a paid member to access it?


    • Hey Lee, I believe affiliate marketing is the best way to go for generating a long term profit online. The benefits are just way over the moon over other methods you find on the internet. In my opinion, you should build your website around sometime you are interested and something you know about more than your audience, not necessary a profitable industry or product. That is because if you promote it well, naturally people will start to realise your passion with you and will acknowledge what you are doing. Wealthy Affiliate will definitely point you in many different paths of your choice, they do offer courses that will get you going in the right path. Good thing is this will part of the free training you will receive upon choosing the free membership! Definitely go try it out first!

  6. Wealthy Affiliate really is an absolutely awesome program and anybody who is serious about making money online should give it a try. As the article says it is free for a week!

    A month ago, I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and I have already built my own website about mood improving supplements. I currently have 24 posts on the website and I am proud of my achievements.

    I have already achieved more in a month than I thought I ever would. I am currently a student, but WA has offered me an alternative route to my life that I would never have know about. You don’t HAVE to do the 9-5 grind for 40 years!

    • Hey Mark, I am also currently a student and Wealthy Affiliate has definitely changed my lifestyle! Instead of going to a soul breaking work for long hours in the past, I am now able to just log on to WA and improve my website anytime I want whilst balance the work from university. Definitely WA is my recommendation for anyone!

  7. It’s great how you have written an honest review of WA, & not glorifying it just to get sales. WA is really the best way to become sucessfull online with little to no investment in the affiliate marketing business. Wealthy affiliate helped me drop out of college at 19 after WA helped me to take my business to earn over 6 figures a year. I host earnrecurringrevenuefromhome .com, & from my experience the hosting & support is the absolute best on WA . Wealthy affiliate is the best way to earn recurring revenue from home selling anything of your passion. I like how you put Wealthy affiliate as your #1 recommendation. Great review of an awesome affiliate training platform. Cheers!

    • Hey, I am so happy to see that Wealthy Affiliate has changed your life so much as it has for me. You are my goals i wish i can take my business to 6 figures a year. Catcha on WA! 🙂

  8. It’s great how you have written an honest review of WA, & not glorifying it just to get sales. WA is really the best way to become sucessfull online with little to no investment. Wealthy affiliate helped me drop out of college at 19 after WA helped me to take my business to earn over 6 figures a year. I host earnrecurringrevenuefromhome .com, & from my experience the hosting & support is the absolute best on Wealthy affiliate. The community has never left one of my answers unanswered. Very helpful, thoroughly written review of an amazing affiliate platform. Cheers!

  9. Most earning offers online promise lots of simple money, expensive cars, and a rich man’s lifestyle just so long as you buy their secret guide to success. These are also often backed up by upsells etc.
    How can I be sure this is not another one of those marketing nightmares?

    • Hey there Chris. For starters, Wealthy Affiliate does not promise lots of simple money nor expensive cars. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to start up and create a successful business which will require your hard work and effort. This is definitely not one of those marketing nightmares and there is a free membership for you to try out to determine that yourself.

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