Making Money- The Mindset

Making money is something you can definitely do online with great success.

However, many people go into this industry with the wrong mindset that can ultimately lead to unsuccessful results or failure.

I believe that the people who have been most successful have dedicated themselves to helping others, and the money they have made has become a by-product from doing so.

One of the greatest examples of history is Steve Jobs, he didn’t start apple because he wanted to become a millionaire. Instead, he wanted to change the world with his technology so everything else was more easily accessible.


From the very olden age macbook till the current one now, Jobs has dedicated his life to make our life easier. From more easily accessible programs to lighter MacBooks to be carried out, all his ideas were centred around improving the world.

I highly doubt he focused his mind on purely making money, or that would’ve swayed him from his goals.

Steve Jobs is also a great example of having an important mindset when starting a business; embrace failure and improve from them. We all know his products went through failure at some point, whether it was unsuccessful promotions or system failures.

But he was the living evidence of a successful business which was built upon moral and values created from not giving up his dreams.

Same comes for us when we are starting an online business. Although we don’t engage customers face-to-face on a daily basis, our primary goal should be to help others.

A business built revolving this fundamental mindset will ultimately create success.

The most important questions you can ask yourself could be:

  • I have a problem, how can I create something to solve it?
  • Can I solve many other people’s problems with my solution?
  • How will show the world what I have created?

That being said, you will encounter set-backs and tripping stones along the path. Whether it would no traffic or sales to your website, or hate comments regarding your posts or pages.

cloudscape-384672They shouldn’t be the cloud that blinds you from creating success, rather, use them as stepping stones to see what you can improve on and make your business better. If you give up from such confrontations, you will never get anywhere.

The most important lesson to take from this is: Don’t let small things sway you from your path to success. You are able to create something that can change the world if you put your mind to it, don’t have a brain full of dollar bills!

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Good luck everyone!



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  1. I love your explanation of following our passion and that is exactly what the greats in our world have done. It is so true that as long as we follow our passion everything else will come along behind it. If we stay focused and dedicated to what we love doing, we will always be happy no matter what. Thanks for your reminder of this.


  2. My biggest downfall when it comes to the working mindset (I work from home) is the interuptions and break in concentration – it sort of throws you from a positive ‘work mindset’ to a desperate kind of mindset which is filled with irritation (knowing I can get more done and see more success but outside factors stopping me!). Is this a common downfall?

    • Hey Chris, I also find working at home to be sometimes a distraction and this is definitely a common downfall for everyone doing so. Many people can often throw themselves off by thinking, “why cant i just chill and work tomorrow?” Often the work that needs to be done just gets pushed further and further down the weeks till you realise regret on how much could’ve been done in that period of time. Instead, I think we should always pick ourselves up and look forward positively towards our goals, in that way we gain the motivation to always continue working even if the distractions try to stop us!

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