Making Money Online Fast- Is it possible?

This is one of the most commonly debated questions on the internet- can I make money online?

Yes of course, but some people who come searching for the answer to this will also add, ‘make money online fast‘. Whether it is the greed to own a house next to the river or drive a Lamborghini within the next day or month, I’m not too sure about your needs or wants, but today I’m here to bust the myth of making money online fast.

So you may have all clicked on a link that takes you a site promising huge profits, from thousands of dollars a day to millions of dollars per month, once you sign up for their program. Here is just one of the countless examples you might see:



Yes you could be one of people that don’t want to be ‘too quick to judge’, however I personally guarantee you every  one of those websites that looks something like that, promising something big, is a scam.

The dangerous thing is, these sites are getting smarter and smarter to lure you into their trap. For this particular program, they have even gone as far making fake news reports on sketchy sites to believe it is legit. Take a look below.



Here is the link to the report if you dont believe me

I don’t want to go spend all of today talking about how fake this is, so I will just point out the first few obvious errors on the page. Look at what its featured in




BBC, Daily telegraph etc. If you go onto one of those big websites yourself and search this article about a homeless man buying a Ferrari, it won’t exist and this is the scammer’s biggest flaw; fake information. Furthermore, if the man did make that much amount of money, why would he go buy himself a Ferrari? Why not solve his current issue, buy a home? It’s common sense.


So what is this scam exactly?

They might all look different, promising different amounts of money, they all lead you to the same thing. An automated trading software. This is usually comprised of binary options or forex trading, if you don’t know what that is read my review on it here. If you do know what it is, you would understand how scary this automated trading software is, a robot gambling for you!!! Worse of all, the brokers linked to these software will never give you withdraw that amount of money nor will the robot generate that promised amount.


So there isn’t a way to make money FAST?

Lets start from simple logic. If there was such thing, wouldn’t it be all over the news? Wouldn’t the word spread so fast people are constantly jumping on their laptops and phones just to grab that money. In fact, where would this money come from??? Would there be enough for everyone???

I am really sorry if you came looking for something to make you a millionaire overnight, but it just doesn’t exist. There are people out there travelling to their jobs everyday, probably doing soul-breaking work for 9 hours just to earn a living.

Same goes for making an online income. However, there are just so many benefits of generating an income from home online such as flexible work hours and no travelling time at all.

If you are interested, here is my most recommended method of doing so.

That being said, I believe its how much work you put in is how much result you will see. Although there is no true way to making yourself a millionaire within a week, it is possible to make yourself a millionaire down the track in a few years if you are ready to put in the work and dedication!


Good luck to you all!







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  1. Great post, anything that is advertising quick and easy money is almost certainly a scam. I have learned this the hard way and I now know that success takes hard work and perseverance.

    That is why I love the program at Wealthy Affiliate so much. It does not even claim to make money fast, but it educates you how to make money in the most efficient way.

    If you stick to the training and always post regularly, you WILL be successful.

  2. The most honest and down to earth article. Sometimes I’m wondering how are these people feeling about themselves when they know they are putting lies and are stealing money from other people. They probably want to take a bath to wash all the “dirt” from themselves after taking that money from a person who just wants to make his/her life easier.

    Anyway, I totally agree that only with work you can reach sometimes. Yes, it’s very hard sometimes but there’s no other way to success. I wish I knew and realized that earlier.

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