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Using ‘money’ keywords is so important when it comes to making your own website.

Keywords could literally mean the difference between your website coming up first or last on search engines when someone types in something relevant to your niche.

Finding these ‘money’ keywords  used to be such a pain 5-10 years ago; you had to manually do it by collecting data by typing searches on google…until Jaaxy was invented.

Why Not Other Keyword Tools?

Keyword Research is literally the most valuable and high return process for search engine optimisation. That said, how can simple and cheap tools fit for this process?

A lot of the free keyword tools you find out there on the internet could either not work well or give false information. Here are the key things to watch out for when searching for these tools:

  1. If the site returns results of PPC estimates (inaccuracy)
  2. If the site asks you to install the program (can contain viruses)
  3. If the site uses Alexa for looking up competition (unreliable)
  4. If the site doesn’t return results from ALL engines (errors in data)

Jaaxy Enterprise- The Best There is Out There

Jaaxy is the most simple best keyword and tracking tool that allows you to find the best ‘money’ keywords through a click of a button.

Not only does it offer an extremely powerful keyword tool, it also offers a site ranking tool that allows you to check what your site is ranked on the search engines with a particular keyword!


Simple plug the details in and watch the magic happen!

Not only this, Jaaxy also offers video training for how to use their program!





How To Get the Most Out of Jaaxy

There are 3 extremely important things when choosing a keyword for your site

  1. If the the keyword makes sense
  2. The amount of traffic this keyword will generate
  3. The amount of competition there is for this keyword

Let me give you a quick example of a search I made on Jaaxy.




 One search… returns 20+ results!

Avg will indicate the number of searches for this keyword phrase per month on all the search engines.

Traffic indicates the number of visits you will get if your site is ranked first in the Search Engines.

QSR Quoted Search Results suggest how many websites there are on google competing on that keyword phrase.

KQI The Keyword Quality Indicator. A powerful tool that indicates if you you should use that keyword. Green= Great, Yellow= OK and Red= Poor

SEO A score calculated from traffic gained and amount of competition

DOMAINS available for you to see which website domain names are available for purchase and will be highly effective for your niche

How To Use Your Findings

To get the most out of these ‘money making’ keywords, I strongly recommend you to start off  using a keyword phrase with these attributes:

  1. High Number SEO – the higher the number, the more chance your website will rank on the first page of the search engines
  2. Green KQI – Highly recommended
  3. Low QSR – The lower the number, the better. Means you are competing with less websites that are writing similar content
  4. Use a keyword phase that makes sense!

Once you have determined the most suitable keyword is found, here are the places I strongly recommend you to place them for maximum effect:

  1. The SEO description of your website
  2. The title of your website
  3. The first sentence of a post or page

The most important part is to not worry about much traffic you and average amount of searches you will receive every month with that keyword.

After your website starts to mature, it can still be ranked number 1 on the search engines as people start to realise the quality content you are writing and traffic will come accordingly!

Finding the Right Price for YOU

Jaaxy offers 3 prices and these are:

The Jaaxy Starter Membership – $0

The Jaaxy Pro Plan – $19 per month, $199 a year

The Jaaxy Enterprise Plan – $49 per month (discount this week only), $499 a year


Check them all out here!

That being said, the Jaaxy Start Membership is free and is the best way for you to check out how powerful this tool is before you make a decision on which plan to purchase!

If you have any questions or queries feel free to drop a comment below! 🙂






  1. Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return processes in search engine optimization of your site – so it’s best not to use cheap tools right? It’s an increasingly important skill for internet marketers – and this tool seems to be the ticket from what I can see. How long is the free version valid for?

    • Hey there Chris, finding keywords for your site is extremely important and those cheap tools definitely wont return the results you are looking for. As you can see if you scroll down to the comparison table, The Free membership will offer you 30 free keyword searches before you need to upgrade. I believe this is a great amount already for you to experience Jaaxy and decide which plan is suitable for you!

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