Is it Possible To Create A 7-Figure Blog?

Tips and Tricks For Building A 7-Figure A Year Blog

Do you dream of building a blog that earns seven figures a year? For many people that dream has become a reality.

It may be that they started out with just the intention of writing about their passion and building an audience.

However, there are many bloggers that have been very successful and the financial rewards have been significant. There are several lessons that can be learnt from the success of others and if you have the commitment you can achieve the same for yourself.

Here are some tips for building a seven figure a year blog.

The first step is decide on the subject of your blog and what you will be writing about. This may be based on your passions or something you have expert knowledge about that would be valuable to others.

It will need to be in a market large enough to establish a big audience, for example lifestyle and health and fitness are niches that have lots of people searching online.

There are many other examples and it is just a matter of ensuring you have a large enough target audience for your blog.


Once you are ready to launch your blog, you need to decide on how your site will look and if you are to brand yourself in a certain way for your audience. The appearance of your blog is an important factor as it creates a first impression for any visitor.

There are a wide range of premium WordPress themes available in the marketplace and you should be able to find one that is flexible enough to create the look you want to achieve. As well as investing in a theme, you may also want to have a logo designed for branding purposes that can be used on your blog.


If you have the appearance of your blog right, you then need to create content that will build your audience. Great content is engaging, shareable and informative and if you achieve this you will build trust and authority.

This means making use of different forms of media which includes images and video, so that there is plenty of reasons for people to stay on your blog. As well as building trust, you want to create your own style so that your audience can relate to who you are and become loyal followers rather than occasional visitors.


The success of your blog will depend on how many visitors you attract on a regular basis. Therefore, you need to learn how to drive traffic to your blog and this can be done in a variety of ways. Paid advertising can provide quick results and a platform such as Facebook ads enables you to target specific audiences.

There are also plenty of free ways to generate traffic and social media is a great way to attract more blog visitors. In the same way that your blog is about you and your brand, your social media profiles will be consistent with this theme.


If you engage with people on social media and build a following on your own Facebook Page and on sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, you will be able to send more people to your blog. The way you set your blog up provides other opportunities to engage more with your current followers and to attract new visitors.

For instance, you can collect email addresses through an opt-in form on your site. If people like your content, they will be happy to receive emails from you. In addition, you can place social media buttons on your blog to make it easy for people to share your content.


There are several ways to monetize the traffic you generate to your blog. This can be achieved by placing advertising on your site, promoting products that are relevant to your audience to earn affiliate commissions and you can also sell your own training programs.

If you build an authority site, you can reach out to other high earning bloggers in your market for extra publicity. For instance, you can write on their blog as a guest blogger or if they have a podcast, appear on their show. This is how your earnings can start to grow exponentially.

If you can build a great looking authority blog with engaging content and drive targeted traffic to it from multiple sources, you can monetise it and grow it into a seven figure a year business!

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  1. At the moment I would have to say I do not know of anyone who makes 7 figure blogging online at the moment. Perhaps that will change in the future. I do know of some people making towards 6 figure incomes, but most are still trying to get there.

    I see you recommend Wealthy Affiliate so is this where you know of 7 figure income earners and how close are you to achieving this goal?

    Also, how many years on average would you say it takes to get to this level and will I learn this from Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hey there Travis, I do know a few people that are making 7 figure blogs but they are super professional and their blogs are more scaled towards an E-commerce site… but that said I am not on that road yet but I want to be in the future.

      Wealthy Affiliate definitely won’t guarantee you to make 7 figures in earnings, however, they do have all the trainings and tools that will take you there. I believe if you take the information you learn from WA and scale it, from one blog to many, then from many to several E-Commerce sites, then a 7 figure earning is definitely a walk in the park after the hard work.

      All the best to you!

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