How To Use Images Efficiently For Your Website

How To Use Images Efficiently For Your Website

It is one thing to put up an image on your site and another to do it well.

Many site owners fail to understand this reality and make countless mistakes that are never corrected.

It takes an eye for detail to make sure your images are perfect and flow with the site. The goal is to provide value to those who are coming to your site, and if the images aren’t doing this, you might as well not have them at all.

Let’s take a glance at how one can use images the right way.

1) Understand Theme Of Site

You need to understand the theme of your site and pick images that fit what you are going for. If you are a construction site, you want to have the right images for that niche.

Don’t start putting up random images and think that is going to fit the theme because it won’t, and you are going to have a poor experience in front of you because of it.

Plus, people are going to get confused as to what they are looking at and why it’s there in the first place. You need to use images as a gateway to building authority.

2) Never Clutter Main Page

You don’t want to clutter the site with images thinking that’s the best way to go. It isn’t because most people want to see meaning behind the main page. They want to understand what the site is about and get a good balance of images and text.

If you go overboard on one or the other, you will lose their interest.

A poorly thought out page is going to result in poor results and user engagement.

You want to make sure the images don’t clutter the page and are spread out. This will help out a lot.

3) Do A/B Testing

The best thing a site owner can do is test. You want to get a feel for what attracts people by testing various images in the same spot. You will realize one is going to work better than the other, which is where you are going to have a better site on your hands.

A/B testing is one of those ingrained realities many large sites use and you have to join in on the fun as well to maximize results.

It works, and you should take advantage of this technique too.

These are the ways you can use images efficiently and get the results that are required. There are too many site owners who are reckless with their images and think anything will suffice. Take your time and plan out what is being put on the site as soon as you get the chance. By doing this, you are going to have a far better site on your hands.

The days of thinking you are going to be able to put random photos online should be in the past because it doesn’t work at all.

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  1. Hey it’s a short yet to the point and great article.
    Though all the steps you mentioned are great but I guess first step is the most important one.

    Most people try to make their themes something they are not and end up messing with everything and disappointing themselves.

    It’s really important to understand how your theme is structured and then of course a clean homepage attracts and retain more visitors.

    A/B testing is indeed a great way to see what’s working and what’s not.

    This is indeed a really informative and helpful article, especially for the newbies.

    Keep Writing ^^

    • Hey there, thank you for the comment!

      You make some very good points there as well and I certainly think if newbies follow my steps for these small things they will see results very soon 🙂

      best of luck to you,


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