How To Use Google Adsense To Earn Money!

Do You Know How To Use Google AdSense To Earn Money?

Do you know how to use Google AdSense to earn money? This is one of the oldest and most established ways to generate online revenue, and when done right, it almost feels like you’re making money for nothing. However, there are few things past creating an account that you might need to do to see anything substantial roll in. Keep reading to learn what a few of them are.

First check and see if you’re making one of the most common mistakes that many AdSense users make, which is when they throw their ads onto just about every kind of website they can think of. This is a waste of time and effort, especially when you keep pounding sites that won’t make you any money.

The secret is finding the right niches. Consider two websites, where one sells pieces of computer hardware and the other is a forum for do-it-yourselfers where they can ask tech questions about building computers. You might think they are the same niche, but they aren’t really. A forum where people are looking for answers is not a place where they are likely to click on your ads, even if they are related to the content. On the other hand, visitors to the shopping site are in ‘buy’ mode, psychologically speaking, and they are likely to click on your ads.

In short, think about your sites from the perspective of the users, and do trial and error approaches to figure out which ones actually work.

The second thing you should do is to pick the best possible keywords. When you think about it, Google is completely centered around the concept of keywords. Yes, you might read in the paper or hear in the news about how they’re trying out driverless cars or mapping the planet or laying down high-speed Internet in major cities, but at the end of the day, they’re still a search engine at heart. If you want to make the most money, then you need to put the right keywords out there.

There’s a lot of tools out there that can help you determine what the highest-paying keywords are in any given niche. In fact, some websites, such as, even offer free lists for everyone to use.

Keywords are what determine the type of ads that show up on any given blog or website. Users hate ads that have nothing to do with what they’re looking for, and they certainly don’t click on them. So you have to make sure your keywords are on-target.

However, you also have to be sure your density is not too high. If you are penalized by Google, you might get booted out of the AdSense program, and such boots are usually permanent. Follow the terms of service to the letter.

Third, go for big ads. The larger they are, the easier they are to see, and research has shown time and again that reader eyes tend to get drawn to them more than any other. These are often big enough for video ads which are very popular and effective.

Fourth and finally, track your successes and losses. The long-term data can show you the losers to dump and the winners to double down on. Learn as you go to get better wat what you do. You might even find seasonal variations in particular ads and websites worth planning around the next year.

Whether you are new to Google AdSense and have no idea how to earn money with it, or have been at it for a while and not impressed with your results, following these tips and advice are likely to boost your stream of revenue.

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  1. Hi Ken, talk about synchronicity! Yesterday I have finally been approved by Google to add their adsense code, and today I bumped into your article 🙂
    Your suggestions seem to make a lot of sense, and I will take them into account. I only handle two blogs at the moment, so I don’t run the risk to waste time in putting the ads in too many places. The keyword density, however, is something I will definitely have to look after.

    • Hey there,

      Glad to know you are approved by google! Definitely a great start and if you observed all the key points I made I am very sure you are going to start making ad revenue very soon!

      Best of luck to you,


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