How To Unblock Writer’s Block!

Five Simple Tips To Unblock Writer’s Block

Finding the needed motivation to continue writing your blog, novel, article or whatever it is you are currently working on when you are experiencing writer’s block or when you feel that you have used up all your inspirations, can be very difficult. Maybe you mind is elsewhere, preoccupied with other projects, or perhaps you have a hectic life.

Here are a few simple yet effective solutions that can help you get back your writing mojo:

How to unblock writer’s block!

1. Take a Break

Stop what you are writing; do something, anything that is creative. Write a poem, paint a picture, make a collage or scrapbook, design an image in Photoshop, or build something. Take a few hours, if necessary even a few days to work on another creative project and then go back to writing. The key is to maintain the creative part of your brain exercising and eventually you will be able to tap back into your flow of writing.

2. Move Your Body

This may sound silly but, practice yoga or Tai Chi, dance, when your body flows, your mind follows. Meditate and make sure that you take deep, long breaths. A mind that is relaxed is a mind that is more open. When you are in a peaceful state, it is easier to focus longer. If you gave to step away from writing for a few moments, move your body, take some deep breaths and return to writing in a more creative state.

3. Write during the Early Hours

When you first wake up, your brain continues being in Theta mode, this is the same brainwave pattern that the mind is in as you dream. Many writers find that when they wake up between four and five a.m., those are the hours in which they experience the best writing, it is amazing at what the mind can come up with while you are still half asleep.

4. Take Some Time to Freewrite

Spend fifteen minutes a day, if not more writing whatever comes to your mind. Write freely and do not bother with punctuation. Change subjects as many times as you please mix journaling with fiction or simply vent. This process helps to train the brain to tap into the words deep inside your head bringing them to life in your journal or on your screen.

5. Eliminate Distractions

Unplug from the internet, turn off your phone, and clean your work space. Even something as simple as a cluttered can set the mind on a path of confusion. Reserve some time that is only for writing — this should be at least three to four hours out of your day. Talk to your loved ones and ask them to respect you space so you are able to write without worrying about distractions, or perhaps even write while everyone else in the house is sleeping. Give yourself the time and space to be in complete solitude, this is an important factor to staying focused.

These five tips may seem simple, but if you start implementing them into your schedule, you will find that they truly work and will help you to unblock your frustrating writer’s block.

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  1. Hey Ken,

    I have experienced writer’s block over the years. I can say one thing that helped me is doing my writing in small blocks. I might layout the article. Then do research on the internet and find out what other sites are saying about the topic is on.

    Then I will write for 40 min. When it’s all said and done, I run the article through Grammarly. It really helps with making grammatical changes. I have been using it for years. Have you ever used it?

    Also, you can always outsource some of your writing and just proof it. I like to do this and add to it.

    • Hey Garen,

      Thanks for sharing your method. Personally I haven’t tried your method but theres no harm in trying something new so ill give it a go some time soon!

      You are right about writing in small blocks and then putting it together and this is a personal method I have used to unblock my writer’s block.

      Thanks for your comment and best of luck for your writing,


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