How To Make Website Commissions Overnight

Tips On How To Make Website Commissions Overnight

Website commissions are not easy to earn, and it takes time even when you’re an experienced veteran at building sites.

With the tips listed here, you will be able to start making money as soon as you want.

These are proven tips used by experts when it pertains to earning commissions overnight and on a regular basis.

1) Use Google Adsense

Google’s program is one of the best for those who are looking to make money as soon as possible. You will be able to earn a commission if the person clicks through. It is as simple as this and one of the best ways to get started.

It is not hard to start earning money especially if you are in a niche that is highly sought after by advertisers. They are going to pay a pretty penny to get a spot on your site and that is what you have to aim for.

Get the ads up and reap the rewards.

2) Use Amazon’s Affiliate Program

This is one of the most powerful affiliate programs in the world and sends out millions of dollars on a monthly basis to its affiliates. You will be able to do the same as long as you are looking into this on a regular basis. You will want to sign up and start reviewing and promoting some of their products.

It is going to bode well for your chances of earning a commission or multiple commissions.

The more you sell, the better you are going to get at things.

Amazon is trustworthy, so it is not hard to get people to buy immediately.

3) Maximize Use Of CTAs (Call to Actions)

Start by making sure you have CTAs present on the site because that is going to help people click through. You want to use terms such as “CLICK HERE” or “BUY HERE” to get people to take action.

Studies have shown this works well.

4) Mention Link Once “Above The Fold”

The placement of your link is going to determine how successful things are and this can hold people up. You want to make sure a reader doesn’t have to scroll all the way down to know what you’re promoting.

A quick link at the top as soon as they hop on is a must.

They are more likely to click through, and that’s how you are going to earn a commission.

Remember, the goal is to get them to click through, and that’s your goal. Of course, you don’t want to spam, but a single link above the fold is a good option and always recommended.

These are the tips on how to make website commissions overnight when you are building a new site. It is not easy to get started, and a lot of people take their time as should you. However, as long as you are looking into this, you should be able to earn a bit of money from people taking action on your site.

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  1. I do like your tips in this post here even though I have heard some not so good comments about Google Adsense.

    Concerning the last tip about putting your link above the fold, you’ll have to excuse my ignorance but where exactly is above the fold.

    Is it in the first line of your post or is it somewhere else?

    • Hey there adrian.

      Glad you like my tips and hopefully it benefits your sales blog in some way. Adsense may have negative comments or such, but its one the easiest ad programs to utilise and one of the most straight forward as google is such a huge name.

      As for my last tip, it is okay as we all have something to learn. Regarding to ‘above the fold’, it just means a place in the page where the link is visible without the need to scroll down.

      Good luck to you, Ken

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