How To Attract Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Website

In order to be successful online, you should have a steady supply of targeted traffic.

You need visitors who are interested in what you are offering. A targeted prospect is more likely to buy your products and services compared to untargeted prospects.

Do you want to know how to attract targeted traffic to your website? If the answer is yes, then read on and you find rules that you can apply without having to lose your sleep. The reason why most people do not get traffic is that they have not take consistent action to drive interested visitors to your site.

Ways you can use to get targeted traffic to your website

Writing and publishing articles on your blog and article directories
Quality content will always attract visitors as it is informative and tells people something applicable to their lives. One person may find your content and if it of value, he or she will feel obliged to send people to your website without you even having to tell them.

If you take your time and write something that grabs the attention of your visitors, you will get free traffic. Most of these visitors will be forced to buy whatever products or services you are selling because of the content!

After writing your articles, post them on as many article directories as possible. This will help expand your reach. Write as may quality articles as possible and you will soon find many targeted prospects and quality traffic to your website.

Build backlinks to your blog
Search engines like Google can send you huge traffic if you are in the first three positions of their search engine results page (SERP) for a certain buyer keyword phrase. However, you have to pass a test criteria to occupy the first 3 positions. One of them is lots of backlinks from authoritative sites.

Building backlinks takes time and money and requires effort on your side. Ensure that you continue doing this and you will stay ahead of your competitors. You can build bank links by posting in forums and targeting keyword phrases in your signature files. Another way is to leave comments on related blogs.

Joining online forums and discussion boards enables you to reach right into the heart of your target audience. All of you have to do is to become a member of the forums and discussion boards with a high readership and those that allow you to place a link to your website in the signature file.

However, you need to avoid as much as possible spamming the forum or posting meaningless posts just to get people visiting see your link. The right thing to do is to contribute to the forum properly and build your reputation.

Buy some traffic
If you have decided to use this method to boost highly targeted traffic, I would suggest that you use pay-per-click (PPC). This is the best method of getting highly targeted and high-quality traffic. This can be an ideal method for those who want to test waters on any new websites.

Banner ads
Banner ads are also a proven and one of the most overlooked sources of quality traffic. One of the major reason why you should think of banner ads is that they are now dirt cheap and affordable making it a cheaper way of attracting targeted traffic.

Email marketing
If you want to use email marketing to drive traffic to your website, you have to be aware of the no spam law and how to use emails as a marketing tool.

To start an email campaign, you should have a list of people interested in buying your products or services. You can buy the email marketing lists but you have to ensure that the seller is genuine as there are many scams online.

Now that you’ve learnt these tips on how to attract visitors to your site, hands on time now.

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Good luck everyone!


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  1. Get consistent and relevant traffic is the age old problem for every marketer. I think patience plays a role in this process as much as anything else, and persistence.

    I think email marketing and regular posting are two of the best ways, but will take time. Paid traffic speeds things up for sure, but obviously requires a budget.

    Do you still think backlinking is relevant and helpful today?

    • Hey there Darren,

      Patience is a huge and important aspect when it comes to building a successful online business. Definitely post regular and try and get into email marketing if possible; PPC would come down to website valuation, whether it will convert once you gain traffic.

      As for backlinks, they have been relevant and helpful even up to today. Backlinks will keep your visitors connected with your site so they don’t miss out your posts even if they don’t visit everyday.

      All the best to you,


  2. Excellent post and excellent tips that I can use for my site. I try to write quality posts and believe that I am on the way to bringing my readers a quality website.

    I am though a little frustrated that my site is not ranking that well. It’s going on four months now so it’s pretty new but I did expect more somehow.

    I will try your suggestions of building back links by posting on forums. Seems an interesting way to do it and I may get more ideas for posts that way as well.


    • Hey there Owain, glad that my post could benefit your site in some way. For your site to rank well, it will need a lot of factors and certainly writing quality posts daily is a big one; keep it up! First thing you could do is build up those backlinks and see the effects….

      If all doesn’t go well and you truly think your website is able to convert, I suggest going down the road of PPC as it will definitely bring your business to a new level.

      All the Best!


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