Five Fatal Mistakes That Kill Conversions

Everyone makes mistakes since they are a reality of life and help you learn what to do or avoid in the future.

In online marketing, some mistakes are so small that you can afford to laugh at them later but others are more serious with serious consequences particularly those that inhibit you from increasing your conversion rate.

Here are the top 5 mistakes that kill your conversions during online marketing and how to avoid them:

1. Not Having A Clear Call-To-Action

You may have a unique, modern, and beautifully designed website but if it is not user friendly or functional, it is not quite serving its true purpose, which is getting you more leads and buyers.

If your website visitors do not understand or see clearly what they have to do to get more information, subscribe, sign up, or buy, it is likely that they will not end up fulfilling any of those actions and you will have lost out on those conversions.

Ensure that never happens by strategically and consciously placing obvious and clear calls-to-action on the landing pages, homepage, and throughout the inner pages of your website.

2. Avoid Cluttering Your Website

Your website is the first point of interaction with potential customers or leads and it is therefore important to put your best face forward.

A cluttered website leaves your visitors feeling disoriented, confused, and unsure of where they need to click. Most of the time, cluttered websites lead to visitors bouncing off the page rather than converting to a lead or customer.

You should have a well-organised, clean, and clutter-free website to maximise conversions. Ensure that all the important information such as calls-to-action is clearly visible.

3. Forgetting About Your Mobile Shoppers

More people than ever are currently using mobile devices to access the Internet for making purchases among other online activities.

If you are not catering to your mobile users using either an app or a mobile-friendly website, you are likely to miss a significant number of conversions.

Mobile-friendly websites and apps not only provide your customers with a better user experience but also offer your business the chance to do a more targeted mobile marketing strategy using GPS location services.

4. Having Complicated Checkout & Payment Processes

If you have a long checkout process with too many steps and requiring your customers to fill out lengthy forms, you could be missing out on conversions.

Once your customers reach the checkout stage, you need to deliver a clear, simple, and fast payment process if you would like them to complete the purchase.

Ensure that your payment page is fast loading and does not require customers to complete more than 2 steps before completion.

When it comes to the payment page, keep the following best practices in mind:

– Only ask for mandatory fields necessary to complete the payment

– Ensure that your customers understand all the fields and how to fill them

– Allow visitors to make purchases without them having to register first
Always ensure that your checkout process as easy, painless, and fast as possible to maximise your conversions.

5. Ignoring Key Visual Hierarchy Rules

Planning the visual hierarchy of your website properly and strategically determines whether your website influences the user conversion funnel positively or whether your visitors will bounce off the website.

Key elements of visual hierarchy include the sizes of text and images, the homepage layout, the colours you implement, spacing between sections, or the different styles of topography you may use.

Marketing, whether online or offline is as much science as it is an art. Conducting experiments to determine the perfect combination of the visual hierarchy elements of your website is critical to increasing conversion.

Final Thoughts

Mistakes can and will happen.

However, now that you know about the 5 mistakes that can kill conversions during online marketing and what to do to avoid them, you can now ensure that your company does not lose out on innumerable customers.

Reevaluation of your website and making changes according to the tips discussed here is critical to maximising on conversions.

Do all the things discussed in the paragraphs above and you will definitely witness an increase in conversions in no time at all!

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Good Luck to Everyone!


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  1. Those are definitely some common mistakes that can be costly. I agree with your points there. But I think the biggest mistake is cluttering and no clear call-to-action.

    Most people, especially beginners tend to write content just for the sake of publishing content. They don’t write with intent. And, when your content has no call-to-action, it will do you no good. It’s like, yeah I’ve read your article but then what?

    • Hey there Andrew. I think all 5 points i have raised are essential if you want your website to convert. These are just some key points beginners need to watch out for when writing content on their site; its just for them to keep in mind to maximise the website’s potential.

      After reading my article, if you have your own site, definitely go and check whether you have make any of these fatal mistakes as they will affect your conversions. If you don’t have a website that generating profit, I recommend checking out my page:

      This will teach you how to start up a successful business online and just keep my tips in mind. Have a great day!

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