BigWigVideo- An Honest Review

BigWigVideo is a very unique way that generates you money which has surfaced on the internet recently. They claim you can generate profits from legally almost ‘stealing’ a YouTube video to promote your own affiliate links. Is it legit or not? Lets find out!

BigWigVideo (BWV) Review

My overall rating: 1/5 Stars

Authors: Dr. Armit Pareek, Er. Ashu Kumar

Work Time Needed Per Day: 15-30 minutes




How is the money made?

So as we all know, YouTube is currently the biggest known video hosting website comprising of countless videos on various topics. BigWigVideo claims that help you gain purchases with your affiliate links in 4 steps:

  1. Choose a profitable product within Amazon, ClickBank, JVZoo, oDigger to promote
  2. Find ‘Money’ Keywords within google planner and analyse them
  3. Find a high rating and high view count video on Youtube related to the product to ‘use as your own’
  4. Create a BWV with tools on their site connected with your affiliate links and viewers will click and buy your products once they have seen the video

The project making process involves you choosing different parts of the video, usually the beginning and the end, to add a pop-up icon which promotes your product for it. The pop-up image/icon will usually have a description with the ‘money words‘ showing the price of the product which is clickable and takes you to the site where it can be purchased. The tools offered on the site allow you make the video and pop up window look more interesting and fancy.


Once your BMW project is completed, it is then automatically uploaded to their video hosting website, naturally going to be Viewers who watch your video would immediately stumble on your embedded affiliate links at the beginning of the video, basically forced to click it before the window would disappear for the video to start playing. The embedded window with the promotion will resurface at the end if you decide the product is purchasable after viewing the entire video.


What is the cost of BigWigVideo? 

Before we get onto what the website offers and what you can create, let’s first look at the prices.


To sum it up, they would want you to purchase the $49.95 plan so you can make unlimited projects with BWV.

My personal experiences

When I first stumbled across BigWigVideo, this is what they promised.


That was extremely tempting for me. More than $10k+ a month?


Well I took on the ‘Most Popular’ plan, for the $49.95 one time payment which allowed me to create unlimited BigWigVideo projects. Naturally, the promised amount never game and I ended up not making any money from this. Most confusing part for me is this website is extremely hard for me to navigate around.

The biggest flaws of BWV

We can come to admit that YouTube just can’t be compared to any of it’s competitors, whether is be the rising Dailymotion or Megavideo in years to come. That being said, how is going to generate enough traffic and enough relatable viewers to the product for the videos to be actually viewed? The first thing we sway from promotion videos is the amount of views and likes and dislikes. Particularly for products on the internet, we would like to see comments which feature reviews or suggestions from other users. BigWigVideo just simply doesn’t offer that because there are barely any traffic on their platform! After searching thoroughly through the site, I found the biggest view count video they had was only 10k and it was posted over 5 months ago!

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we can come to admit BigWigVideo is just another well designed money eating website. Although I believe that it is possible to make some money from this program, I didn’t have the fortune to do so, maybe because the products I chose were unpopular or the YouTube video choice was uninteresting. Nevertheless I highly doubt that you can make over $10k+ a month like what it has promised.

I truly believe there is no such simple system like this that would take you less than an hour a day to make big money. To do so you will have to put the hard work and effort in to achieve success. Wealthy Affiliate is still the one and only website that has lead me to business success and I highly recommend it, you can read my review for it here!





  1. Hmmm I’m not being funny here but the thought of legally ‘stealing’ a YouTube video to promote your own affiliate links doesn’t sound legal at all!
    In fact – it sounds like a sure fire way to get Google to can your site in record time (they own YouTube now as well). Has this happened to anyone else out there yet?

    • Hey there Chris, that is definitely not funny as BigWigVideo actually claims that you almost legally ‘steal’ a youtube video. Investing into the case, I found that google would actually allow you to do that as you are basically just embedding affiliate links into someone else’s video; in fact you are promoting their video for them. however, BWV just as so many flaws and fake promises I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone! There are a ton of reviews for it online only wanted to earn that affiliate commission and not give a honest review!

  2. Sounds like a bit of a hash ob to me – as you rightly pointed out…there are many holes in this system.
    I don’t really understand how they can promise this much earnings with the system they have up – I mean traffic is everything with this sort of thing. Promises a lot but I doubt it delivers….

    • Hey there Chris, you are 100% on the point there. I believe you have commented on this before and its great you can see how many holes there could be within one program and how dangerous to plunge into something that seems really tempting but will end up just as another scam.

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