An Internet Scams List

Types of Scams There are When Coming to Making Money Online.

Many people dream of making money from the comfort of their homes, but very people end up achieving it.

There is a lot of misinformation out there, and many people end up believing it and ending up wasting their time and money. It can be hard to find the right information, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Losing money online instead of making it can be painful, and that is why it is important to be careful online. Before you spend any money, do your research and ensure it is legit.
Scams are one of the most common ways people lose their money online. There are people working from their homes trying their best to scam you.

Scamming has become incredibly easy to do and they can easily scam thousands of people at a go. One way you can spot a scam is promises of free cash when you register.

They tend to offer a package, but not a service. This is why it is a good idea to read their full term of their services. If you are scammed, contact your bank or credit card company to help you reverse the charges. If you used cash or check, then you can forget about your money. Below are some common online scams.

Pyramid Scams

This is by far the most dangerous type of scam.

You are usually asked for a certain amount of initial investment and promise a high return after a short period of time. The explanation and legality of their operations seem very logical, although they can be sketchy on the details.

They spend a lot of time and effort trying to talk about what you could do with all that money and give random testimonials of people who have made a lot of money. There are some that will give you some money initially to entice you to refer more people and invest more money.

It can be pretty exciting to make money without doing anything. This can sometimes make people ignore their common sense and invest more money. Many of these scams will then pay off old investors with new investors, once the money from the new investors is not enough to pay the old investors, they end up crumbling.

Getting Paid to Fill Surveys, Read Emails, Review sites

There are some sites that pay very pathetic cents for the work you do. Some of them will even ask you to pay a small fee monthly to get the surveys. You end up finding that what you pay monthly is much more than what you are getting.

There are also scams where you asked to review website and get paid. They usually pay initially for publicity, but then stop. These types of scams will pay you very little or no money while you would have invested a lot of time and money in it.

There are some legit sites that pay out, but you should ensure they have a positive reputation online, or else you will end up with nothing.


This is a business model that runs off franchising.

You are asked to sell a product or service offered by the company then you get a commission of the revenue generated.

You also get paid when you refer people resulting to certain percentages payments you will receive when a person you recruit makes a sale. Legit MLM companies will never ask you to pay a sign-up fee.

There are many other scams online, and it is important to spot them before you lose your time or effort. Always remember there is no quick way to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing will be, and always be the best way of generating a stable and long term income online. Be sure to check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here!

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  1. Wow this will come in really handy mate! At the moment I am currently looking for some sort of income online but I am so scared I’ll lose some money…yet again!
    It’s such a shame that these scams are so well laid out – it gives newcomers no chance really and they think they are going to make a fortune!

  2. With this type of business you canmake a lot of money and I agre with you many people have the wrong idae about owning a website and making money. this sort of business not a walk in the park it is not easy but with a lot of work and doing your job the right way we can become successful. Thanks again for this information you have done a great job eith you review. All the best to you and have a good day.

    • Hey there Norman, I dont believe there is such thing as easy money online. Maybe there is but you cannot generate a full time income from it without being scammed. There is just simply way too many well designed scams on the internet these days. The best way is just be honest and build up your audience and traffic to your site and you will see success. All the best to you too!

  3. Hi senpaixx,

    Cheers for your list on internet scams that are currently out there

    I myself am aware of the survey scams and have even written a blog of what to look for in a survey site to know whether they are scam or not. with that said however there are still many sites out there that are genuine and actually pay you rightly.


    • Hey Josh,

      No problem and thanks for the comment. There are actually so many scams out there on the internet because people can’t create a legit way to earn an income for themselves so they create these programs to ‘steal your money’. in my opinion theyre almost like thieves!

      I believe if you do your research right you can avoid these scams.

      Best of luck for your blog!


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