About Me

Hey I’m Ken, an average person living in the world trying to accomplish my dreams like the rest of you.

This is me!


I am currently 18 years old, attending university studying commerce. Like many others out there, particularly those of my age, want to achieve financial freedom at an early age or possibly just wanting to just earn some cash to pay for college/uni fees or simply some extra money to buy what they desire.

I started with a part time job at McDonald’s when I was 14 years old, sometimes taking late night shifts just for that extra big of money. However, we all know work is very tiring, with travelling times and time used up that could be better used for socialising or studying. After a long 2 years I finally had a small income in my bank account, quit my job and decided to find a way to earn money online.


Upon stumbling on the top searches on google for ‘how to make money online’, I immediately fell into something new called ‘binary options’. Although how realistic they would make you think you could make huge profits within a few clicks, I ended up wasting my hard earned money through scams and lies.

I kept searching and searching….I tested many different programs… signed up for many money making resources….still no luck!

After months of searching I finally came along something that would change my life forever.

With just a laptop and internet, it soon came to me how to succeed in an online business, and now I want to help you too to achieve your dreams. It has now been half a year since I joined Wealthy Affiliate and I can truly say that is has changed my life. The flexible work hours and being able to work from home whilst balancing study from university is something that was in my dreams.

Now it is a reality and I want it be for you too!

Dream Big! Ken

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