5 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Getting Enough Traffic

5 Reasons Your Blog Doesn’t Have Enough Visitors

Creating a blog is an excellent way to share information with the world. Sometimes people have killer content, yet they are still not as popular as they had hoped for. If you have a struggling blog and you want to know why no one visits, here are five things that may be a factor.

1. You Are Not Utilising Social Media

These days, more than half of the people you come across visit social media sites daily. If you have a blog, it is important that you use these sites as a marketing tool. In the event that you do not have an account on any of these sites, you need to change this right away.

The idea is to join those that are frequented by people in your target demographic. For instance, if you are trying to appeal to middle-aged housewives, obtaining a Pinterest account will be essential.

2. The Design Is Flawed

Whether you know this or not, the way that a blog looks matters significantly to the average visitor. Having a busy page, hard to read content, no search box or sitemap and other elements that make a site far from user-friendly will keep everyone away. Many people try designing their own sites as a way to save money, but sometimes it is best to make an investment and have it done well.

3. Your Blog Is New

Every popular blog owner will tell you that things were not all flowers and candy in the beginning. It is common for a blog to be around for quite some time before people begin to notice. Even with some of the best marketing techniques in play, you will still have to exercise a certain amount of patience.

Do not allow this to discourage you and continue posting regularly as if the entire world was reading. You do not want anyone to see huge gaps between posts when your readership begins to increase.

4. Posts Are Really Sporadic

It is unnecessary for you to post every single day, but you should try your best to aim for no more than two. When people head to your blog to read content, they don’t want to be greeted with the same information they saw the last few times they visited. If you know that you will be unable to post regularly due to a lack of time, use the scheduling feature. This allows you to write a post when you have time and schedule it to post the next time someone visits after the date you specified.

5. You Don’t Engage With Others

It is important for you to communicate with your audience and let them know that they are appreciated. The best way to do this would be to allow comments, respond to them and avoid being less than professional. If you decide to disable comments on your posts, people will see this as a way for you to stifle their voices, and this can lead to a decrease in the number of readers.

Whether you are doing one of these things or you are guilty of all five, you need to make changes right away. Otherwise, your blog will never have as many visitors as you have been hoping for.

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  1. Hi Ken, thanks for these great tips! I have two blogs that I have used the same strategies for both and using many of the techniques you mention in this post.

    However, one of the sites continues to grow organically each month with traffic and the other has stayed flat. Do you think my niche could just be too competitive?

    • Hey there Jeremy,

      Glad you used many techniques i mentioned towards your own blog.

      Regarding organic traffic, depending on your site authority and niche competitiveness it can vary. For example a high authority site would shine within a competitive niche however a site thats new will not generate organic traffic until its trusted by search engines and you offer interesting and engaging content. May I know which niches you are in?


      Ken 🙂

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