5 Internet Marketing Trends That Are Dominating 2016


Five Internet Marketing Trends That Are Dominating 2016

Unlike any other industry, digital marketing evolves at a very rapid rate. On only the last year, radical changes have been observed in everything dorm website design to online advertising. That being said, what are the marketing trends that are dominating 2016? Keep on reading and you will soon find out.

1. Websites Will Become More Responsive

The number one hesitation that many digital marketing companies hear from companies who are looking for their websites to be redesigned is that the do not want to in one year’s time become obsolete. That is definitely a legitimate concern, in the world of marketing technology is always changing. This is why during 2016, new websites will continue being built to be responsive. A responsive website is one that adjusts according to the browser’s width, this makes for an optimal viewing experience regardless of the device from which it is being loaded.

2. Content Marketing Will Continue Being Shifted By SEO

Despite popular opinion, SEO is not dead, it has merely matured.What was once viewed as a manipulative and shady practice is now evolving into what is popularly being referred to as “Content Marketing.” This is due to the fact that search engine algorithms have become highly advanced, they are always able to filter that content which may be trying to game the system and wah is actually useful to the user.

3. Video Will Be a Much Larger Content Platform

As Youtube continued dominating the web in 2015, it proved that when it came to content platform, video was a key player. This only shows how the internet is continuing to advance and therefore so will the content that is consume. Although long form content, for example blogging, will always have a place as a medium of content marketing, users are engaged at a much higher rate with video. Studies have actually shown that if it has video, visitors will remain on the site for two miles longer.

4. Speed and Design Will No Longer Be Luxuries, They Will Be Necessities

As we observe the internet maturing, the best websites are the ones that not only offer the best content, but they do so in the most efficient and effective way possible. What this means is that the way a site is designed and how quickly it loads is key in whether the visitor sticks around. In 2016 as old sites get redesigned, not only will they be providing useful content, in the user’s end, regardless of the device being used, it will be quick to load and visually appealing.

5. Content That Is More Interactive

Interactive content is what it is all about now. The reason this style is popular is because by engaging the user, it is taken to the next level and their experience is more personal and unique. In 2016 expect more interactive content with virtual reality, video such as 360-degree video as well as advertisements that are two way between the target demographic and the compnay in question.


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  1. I agree that all websites now seem to be very responsive. People use all kind of gadgets to access the internet. If the website is not responsive, it may miss some good visitors.

    I also see people embed a lot of videos on their websites. Maybe because Google values videos as one of their SEO matrics.

    • Hey there,

      people tend to draw themselves away from slow loading websites, myself included. Regarding videos, google does highly value those as an SEO matric so be sure to get the most out of your website.

      All the best,


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