3 Simple Steps To Get Your New Website Going!

Follow These 3 Simple Steps To Get Your New Website Going

It won’t be wrong to say that a big chunk of brick & mortar business in various industries has shifted online. Internet has also opened many avenues for people to make money.

However, you need to have a professional looking website to make money online. There was a time when creating your own website was challenging but these days, you can build a professional looking website at an affordable price.

Here are three simple steps to get your new website going.

Choose a Domain Name

Domain name refers to the words that people are going to type in their web browser to reach your website. It is important to choose a professional sounding domain name. As far as choosing the domain name is concerned, it is important to make it relevant to the purpose for which you are creating the website.

It should be clear, concise and easy to remember. As far as the extension is concerned, there are thousands of top-level domains available these days. Make sure that you choose relevant extension for your domain. If you are unable to come up with a professional sounding domain name, there are a number of free resources available online that can help in finding that perfect domain name.

As far as the price is concerned, most of the domain names are available for less than $10 a year from several domain names sellers.

Get Web Hosting

You also need to have a computer where you will be hosting your website. While you can host the website on your personal computer but you will need to keep your computer running 24 x 7 and the speed of your home connection won’t be enough to serve your website to hundreds of visitors at the same time. Therefore, you should buy a professional web hosting account from one of the many web hosting services available these days.

There are many different kinds of web hosting plans including shared hosting, virtual private server hosting and dedicated server hosting. If you do not expect too much traffic, you may choose a shared hosting plan where your website will reside on a server with hundreds of other websites.

A shared hosting account is fine for the small businesses that expect only hundreds of visits a day. You may upgrade to a virtual private server or dedicated server when your business grows and starts receiving thousands of hits a day.

Website Setup

Once you have bought a domain name and web hosting account, it is time to set up your website. There are a number of software packages available today that allow you to create your website for free. WordPress is the most popular software used for building websites and close to 25% of all the websites are created using WordPress.

Most web hosts offer a script that allows you to create a WordPress website in just a few clicks. If you wish to use WordPress, you may also invest in a paid theme to create a unique look for your website. If you are not familiar with WordPress or do not want to spend time on creating a unique look for your website, you may hire the services of a professional web designer to create a unique theme for your WordPress website at an affordable price.

Once your WordPress site is setup, you can post relevant content and images on the website and start getting traffic.

Follow these three simple steps to get your new website going.

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  1. I never knew it was this easy to create a website and have your own online business. I thought you would need to have a techy person to help set that up for you. But I guess technology is so advanced these days that they makes it easy and more affordable to start a business. I like how wealthy affiliate seems to be more about helping their members build a business. Very interested in learning more about this.

    • Hey there ralph,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. people usually think starting up a website requires lots of tech skills and creativity for writing but this is simply not true. If you have a laptop and internet connection you can do it! Wealthy Affiliate is particularly recommended to anyone as it has step by step tutorials on how to do EVERYTHING you need to know from how to write interesting content to how to make your website rank high in search engines. Most of all you have a wonderful community of similar people behind you can ready to help you. Definitely check it out 🙂

      Best of luck,


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